• VEGETRONIC will change the way you think about and cook vegetables and fruit, without turning vegetarian.
  • Michelin-starred chef, MasterChef judge and Saturday Kitchen regular Alexis Gauthier is not a vegetarian, but he knows how to create fabulous recipes where vegetables take centre stage.
  • Vegetronic contains 120 new 'flexitarian' style recipes that bring vegetables to life whilst still making the most of meat and fish.
  • A simple three-tier expertise system means a cook of any level can make these delicious recipes at home.
  • Each recipe states its calorie content.
  • Following press coverage on TV chefs' unhealthy recipes and in a reaction to the current obsession with meat and comfort food, Vegetronic allows you to create mouth-watering recipes whilst not compromising your health.
The case for calorie information
Michelin-starred chef Alexis Gauthier caused controversy when after a trip to New York, he made the bold decision for his restaurant, Gauthier Soho, to become the first Michelin-starred establishment in the UK to print calories on their menu.

In 2010, Alexis was diagnosed with fatty liver disease as a result of consuming too many calories on a daily basis. Despite not being overweight, the fatty foods that Alexis was consuming as a chef had impacted on his health. Alexis was told to decrease his calorie intake and as he began to start monitoring his own calories, he felt that his customers had a right to know the number of calories in each of his dishes

Putting vegetables at the centre of cooking
When Alexis started his cooking apprenticeship he was told he should know every classic dish that made up French gastronomy, and in the process became just another recipe follower. Then in 1993 he entered the three-Michelin starred kitchen of Alain Ducasse in the South of France and slowly rediscovered the fundamentals of cooking, learning to trust his instincts and intuition and opening up his mind to the possibilities of individual ingredients and combinations that enhance the depth of flavour of both.

The love for vegetables stems from this experience, where the delicate flavours from the secrets of the seasons are revealed, and how using meat in a dish can be a success without being the focus.
Gauthier lovingly introduces each ingredient, saying what he likes about it, its season, its best partners, and considers its health benefits. Each recipe is graded according to ease of preparation and execution (most are easy or medium). And, where appropriate, he suggests what to do with early- or late-in-the-season ingredients that may be under - or over-ripe - those unforgivably hard peaches, woody strawberries, and end-of-season broad beans and peas. 

About Alexis Gauthier
ALEXIS GAUTHIER is one of the most charismatic and popular chefs working in Britain today. Born and raised in the South of France, he was classically trained in Michelin-starred restaurants, including two years as an apprentice at Alain DucasseĆ¢€™s three-Michelin-starred restaurant in Monaco.
He moved to London to become chef at Roussillon in Pimlico, where with his emphasis on the freshest vegetables he gained his first Michelin star. He launched Gauthier Soho in 2010, his original approach to cooking attracting immediate acclaim from critics and diners alike. Since then, Alexis has appeared regularly on MasterChef and Saturday Kitchen and in 2012 hosted the final of Celebrity MasterChef.

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